Cat Shirts for Cat Punks. For the love of our feline friends. Cat Magic Punks is a celebration of cats, art, punk, and community.

Cat Magic Punks is the brainchild of Louisville, Kentucky-based artist/musician Ryan Patterson, owner of Shirt Killer and founder of the bands Fotocrime and Coliseum. Known for his iconic t-shirt and album cover designs for countless bands, Cat Magic Punks was inspired by Ryan and his partner Jamie’s beloved and dearly departed cats, Waylon and Willie. Waylon and Willie each appeared on Coliseum’s band t-shirts to great acclaim, and the idea for an entirely cat-themed line of apparel was born.

Cat Magic Punks launched in March 2016 with the Bastet Rising and The Whip And The Kitty shirts as part of a gallery show of Ryan’s artwork, with online sales of the shirts beginning soon after. Over the following years, Cat Magic Punks grew beyond all expectations and has expanded into a lifestyle brand. The iconic CLAWS: Cat Lovers Against White Supremacy design premiered in February 2018 and grew into a worldwide phenomenon.

Ryan’s life and experiences in the socially and politically progressive underground music community shaped his ethics, and he brings that idealism to Cat Magic Punks. Cat Magic Punks gives recurring donations to nonprofits and grassroots organizations via a portion of the proceeds from merchandise sales, as noted in the applicable product descriptions. In addition to these regular donations, we frequently announce flash fundraisers via the Cat Magic Punks online community. Our intention with activism-related designs is to spread messages we believe in while giving directly to groups working to fight racism and racist policies.

All of our artwork, imagery, and concepts are original and registered copyright Cat Magic Punks.